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The Standing Committee for Cooperative Non-faculty Members


  1. Determining the need for part-time teaching staff in KSU’s colleges and institutes, and proposing regulations for non-faculty members to teach in the University taking into consideration the teaching loads in relevant departments
  2. Verifying and checking the teaching loads of faculty members in KSU’s departments to ensure that they meet required regulations including extra teaching hours, number of students per section, and the appropriateness of the ratio of the number of faculty members in a department to the teaching loads in that department
  3. Issuing approvals, in accordance with relevant regulations, for KSU faculty members to supervise theses/dissertations and/or teach at institutions other than KSU
  4. Reviewing any issues referred to the Committee by the Vice Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs regarding teaching loads



Prof. Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil


Prof. Mohammed S.A. Al-Ayed


Dr. Fahad I. Aldhwayan


Dr. Abdulrahman Alfuraih


Mr. Sa’ad Abdullah AlRajih


Mr. Hisham AlHuwairini




For questions or queries:

Mr. Hisham AlHuwairini

 00966 11 4670580