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The Standing Committee for the Implementation of Faculty Incentives


Dr. Abdulaziz A. R. Al-Othman

Vice Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs


Prof. Mohammed A. Alsaif

Dean, College of Applied Medical Sciences


Dr. Ali Mohammed Aljumaah

Faculty member, College of Business Administration


Prof. Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil

Faculty Member, College of Science


Mr. Sa’ad Abdulrahman AlHamdan

General Director of Faculty and Staff Affairs


Mr. Ahmed Mohammed AlMohaissin

Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs





  1. Establishing implementing regulations for Council of Ministers Resolution N. 259 dated 1/9/1429 AH
  2. Establishing the forms and procedures necessary to implement the incentives automatically by minimizing routine procedures
  3. Studying and resolving individual issues raised by KSU’s Colleges and other relevant bodies
  4. Ensuring that competent Saudis continue working at KSU


In reference to Council of Ministers Resolution No. 259 dated 1/9/1429 AH, and in reference to the telegram received from His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education, the minutes of the multilateral committee formed for this purpose, and the correspondence consisting of instructions and regulations for implementation, which include the following:

  • Rare specialty allowance is paid to Saudi faculty members in the fields below of which the percentage of Saudis is 50% or below as follows:
  • 40% for engineering, medical, health-related, and computer fields
  • 30% for administrative, financial, and legal fields
  • 25% for languages and translation
  • 25% for basic and applied sciences
  • 25% for Quranic readings “Qira’at”, special education, and preschool education
  • Twenty percent of the basic salary of the first grade in the scale of wages shall be paid to Saudi teaching assistants and lecturers of rare specialties who are employed by universities and colleges
  • Allowances are discontinued when a faculty member, lecturer, or teaching assistant is on secondment or official assignment at an entity other than KSU