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Praise be to Allah, and Peace and Blessing upon his Prophet,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Vice Rectorate’s website. We hope the website will play a vital role in supporting the purpose of the Vice Rectorate which is responsible, first and foremost, for the teaching and learning processes, in addition to any academic aspects related to faculty member.

The Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs aims to offer leading academic programs in line with comprehensive standards for Quality in order to create educational environments that attract and motivate creativity and uniqueness. This is achieved by improving the performance of colleges and their supporting deanships.

The Vice Rectorate has been keen on creating unique academic programs in line with development plans and job market needs. This has been achieved by supervising the development of academic plans and programs, creating guidelines and forms to ensure outstanding performance, and collaborating with concerned parties to provide workshops and training programs in the field of academic plans and programs.

The Vice Rectorate strives for a leading educational and academic environment to build a knowledge-based society under the supervision and guidance of His Excellency the Rector, and we pray to Allah for His support.


The Vice Rector for Educational and Acade  mic Affairs

Dr. Abdulaziz A. R. Al-Othman