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About the program

In order to achieve the University’s vision and in pursuit of leadership, an internal scholarship program under the Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs was established to promote constructive competition. The Program also came as a response to the University’s aim to create distinctive job opportunities for its students by directing learning outcomes to meet job market requirements.

The Program is concerned with creating partnerships between the University and local institutions and corporations to provide educational scholarships for the University’s outstanding students. It is responsible for nominating and encouraging students to participate in these scholarships by offering introductory talks about them, explaining their main goals, and giving instructions on how to apply. The Program organizes visits and talks by representatives from sponsoring institutions and corporations to answer the students’ questions. The Program also offers workshops to develop students’ basic skills and help them overcome any obstacles they may face before signing up.

Securing a scholarship plays a significant role in the students’ futures by giving them the opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree with full financial support, in addition to participating in skills’ development programs. Students who join the program will also eventually get distinguished job opportunities or go on to pursue graduate studies.