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The Standing Committee for Student Field Trips


  1. Reviewing the regulations for educational field trips related to undergraduate courses and determining the courses with a scientific nature which require educational field trips from among the KSU colleges.
  2. Dealing with educational field trip requests and determining the extent to which the need for these trips exists provided that all regulations have been met.
  3. Examining any other issues related to educational field trips.
  4. Establishing regulations for external educational field trips taking into consideration the allocated finances.
  5. Making appropriate decisions regarding internal and external educational field trips.

Field Trip Regulations:


  1. The objectives of the trip should be clear and related to the nature of the course and syllabus; the reason behind choosing the location needs to be indicated.
  2. The program and activities of the field trip should be clarified and the duration of the trip should not exceed three consecutive days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) unless it is necessary, on the condition that acceptable justifications are presented
  3. A detailed budget should be attached in accordance with the form for student educational field trips (see attached form).
  4. Only the faculty member responsible for teaching the course may accompany the field trip. A TA or technician may also join the trip in order to ensure the availability of 1 supervisor for every 10 students.
  5. A list of the names of the students enrolled or expected to be enrolled in the course for which the educational field trip is proposed should be attached.
  6. The means of transportation to be used to and from the location of the field trip, and the place of accommodation should be determined.
  7. The field trip request should be submitted to the Vice Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs, Chairman of the Standing Committee for Student Field Trips, at least one month in advance.
  8. It is preferable that educational field trips are limited to students of upper levels (level 4 and above).