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The Standing Committee for Regulating the Admission of Scholarship Students



1. Establishing procedures for attracting and contacting outstanding students.

2. Establishing the rules and regulations for the admission of outstanding non-Saudi scholarship students from the Kingdom and abroad.

3. Proposing the implementing regulations for the follow-up of scholarship students at the University (recruitment procedures, passport issues, issuing tickets, provision of accommodation and social support…etc.).

4. Proposing means that would facilitate the regulatory and administrative procedures – in the University as well as with other entities – for the admission of outstanding students.

5. Dealing with the problems and obstacles that scholarship students face during their study in the University and finding ways to overcome them.

6. Evaluating scholarship students in their studies and the extent to which they are committed to the scholarship’s regulations.

7. Reconsidering current regulations for the admission of scholarship students and proposing new ones taking into consideration the economic and scientific development our country is currently going through, and reconsidering the procedures for attracting, following-up, and educating outstanding students during their scholarship, in addition to the procedures related to their financial dues, and any possibility of benefiting from them after graduation.

8. Considering signing agreements with other universities regarding attracting their outstanding students and establishing student exchange programs with KSU in collaboration with the International Cooperation Department.

9. Financial and administrative supervision of scholarship programs funded by entities other than KSU.

10. Determining, in advance, the number of scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students, the Arabic Linguistics Institution, as well as diploma programs based on information provided by the concerned parties. 

11. Reviewing application requests and nominating those qualified.