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The Committee for Equipping Laboratories




  1. Determining the need for the provision of equipment based on college requirements and within the limits of the proposed budget.
  2. Ensuring that the recommendations of college committees are in-line with the Government Tenders and Procurement Law to provide the required equipment.
  3. Preparing a preliminary proposal for the project and its anticipated requirements.




  1. The request should include confirmation from the requesting entity that delivery, installation and disbursement of funds have been completed for any requests previously approved by the Committee.
  2. The requesting entity shall undertake to finalize all producers including disbursement requests within 6 months of the Rector’s approval of the Committee’s minutes.
  3. Funding beneficiaries shall submit a biannual report (for a period of two years) outlining the extent to which funds were used for the purpose of scientific publishing.
  4. Filling in the form below.

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