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About the Program


The educational process is the main purpose of any academic institution and it is the focal point of all its activities. For this reason, such institutions strive to organize and enhance this process to meet their expectations and fulfill their strategic goals. King Saud University has realized the importance of its role as an academic institution and accordingly the importance of the educational process which is reflected in the University’s Mission statement, “To provide students with a quality education, … through learning, creativity, the use of current and developing technologies and effective international partnership”, and stressed under the value of “Quality and Excellence: We hold our values according to extremely high standards, honoring lofty ambitions and the pursuit of excellence through a commitment to the rigorous intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation”. Furthermore, three of its strategic objectives (i.e., numbers 1, 3, and 5), focus on attaining excellence in all fields of academia and research, attracting outstanding faculty members, and building local and international bridges. Accordingly, the Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs decided to launch an initiative related to organizing and developing the educational process which is based on collaborating with academic experts from all the academic disciplines offered at KSU. This will help in accomplishing the following:

1. Transferring expertise by teaching undergraduate and graduate courses with a focus on new developments in the concerned disciplines

2. Revising portfolios of taught course(s) and submitting relevant reports with recommendations for improvement

3. Transferring knowledge, skills, and modern technology relevant to the concerned discipline

4. Revising academic plans and proposing recommendations for improvement

5. Developing teaching methods in taught course(s)

6. Revising and developing student assessment methods in taught course(s)

7. Performing other academic tasks related to the educational process at the discretion of the relevant department, and submitting recommendations for their development