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Rules and Regulations


The following are the rules and regulations governing the Academic Expert’s Program and are therefore considered mandatory and binding in all aspects of the Program:

1. The Program exclusively attracts academic experts with the rank of Professor under the following conditions: no less than 10 years of university teaching experience as professors; at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles related to the topics they will teach at KSU, of which they are the main author; 3 consultations related to the topics they will teach; or no less than 3 years of specialized professional experience. Exceptions may be made concerning some, but not all, of the abovementioned conditions if the concerned college submits valid reasons that are approved by the concerned committee.  

2. The maximum duration of an academic expert’s stay is 4 weeks.

3. The academic expert must fulfill the items stated in the contract, which include: teaching; revising course portfolios and academic plans; transferring knowledge, skills, and modern technology relevant to the concerned scientific discipline; revising and developing teaching methods in taught course(s); and revising and developing student assessment methods. Thus, the main purpose of recruiting an academic expert must not be conducting research nor supervising graduate students.

4. The Program involves recruiting academic experts working in countries other than Saudi Arabia.

5. Requirements for recruiting academic experts:

  • Lack of professors in the academic expert’s area of expertise in the concerned department, unless the department submits valid reasons in this regard
  • That the expenses of recruiting the expert do not exceed the expenses of signing a one-year contract with him/her
  • That the expert deals with up-to-date areas of the discipline or areas in which very few persons are specialized

6. Priority is given to submission date, as well as the Program’s budget and the department/faculty’s needs.

7. Colleges are authorized to determine the departments in need of academic experts and the number of visits required based on procedures of their choice taking into consideration the provisions of the contract form prepared for this purpose and the instructions thereof. Agreed upon procedures need to be approved by the concerned college council before their submission to the Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs.

8. Colleges must use the contract form prepared by the Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs for this purpose, as well as abiding by the relevant instructions. Accordingly, no other contracts will be considered as academic expert contracts. All the provisions of the contract must be adhered to with no alterations.

9. The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs in the concerned college is responsible for supervising the Program.


Concerned colleges are authorized to set the procedures relevant to administering the Program within the college, provided that these procedures are approved by the concerned college council before submitting them to the Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs.